Thursday, 29 January 2015

Books on Colors

Books on Colors

Here are a list of books on colors. We love them all. You can use it along with our Colors Themed Activity Boxes. Want to know more about Purple Bee Activity Boxes? - Click here

1. Brown Bear Brown Bear What do you see - Bill Martin Jr/Eric Carle

 This is a book that will grab the attention of even a two year old. The book introduces the child to animal names and colors.The repetitive text makes it easy for children to remember the lines and say it along. A must have in your child's library.

2. Dogs colorful Day - Emma Dodd

The story about a messy dog introduces the child to colors and numbers. The illustrations are beautiful and child will make you read the book again and again.

3. Mouse Paint - Ellen Stoll Walsh

There cannot be a better book to teach color mixing. Three mice discover paint - red, blue and yellow. Each mouse dances and swirls and makes new colors.Very entertaining book for children who are learning about color mixing for probably the first time.

4. Lemons are not Red - Laura Vaccaro Segar

This is a book that will allow the teacher/parent to pause and ask questions in between. Each page offers a sneak peek at what comes next and the kids will be eagerly waiting to see if what they predicted was indeed correct. This is a great book to involve the child as you read it to them.

5. Freight Trains - Donald Crews

A great book for kids who love trains. The book depicts different types of freight cars, caboose, tender and engine in different colors. It is a quick read and works well even with children who won't sit through book reading sessions.

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